A Little About Myself


Hey there, my name is Kevin Sullivan!

I'm a 26 year old born and raised in Minneapolis, MN.  I've been in love with cameras for as long as I can remember - always taking my moms digital cameras growing up to take pictures with my friends around the neighborhood.

The main focus to what I do is helping my couples create an experience that will not only make your planning process less stressful, but really focusing on you two and getting those memories on your wedding day captured in the best way possible. 

What you need to know about

your camera guy: 

- I've seen The Office fully through an unhealthy amount of times. 

- Sesame chicken is the way to my heart.

- I absolutely LOVE dogs, but, I'm allergic to them. So if you

have one PLEASE send pictures my way!! 

- I still think about what life would've been like if we won our park board basketball championship back in 5th grade. (we lost in overtime!!!!)

- I have way too many shoes and I can't help but buy more.

Choosing who captures your wedding is a huge decision! This is the person that you're trusting to guide you through the best day of your life. You'll be with them ALL day, letting them pose the images that will live with you and be passed on for generations. I want you to know everything that you need so we can make sure we're the perfect match for each other!

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